Enter amusement park from hell and escape with your sanity – if you can!

Scarred Stars is a game where you dventure through a ruined amusement park with a dark past. Escape monsters and discover multiple endings in this survival horror game!

 I have never played a game like this before, at least not on this scale

Nathaniel Stevens, Digital Chumps

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Game focused on hiding and puzzles, not combat

Chasers may appear in some locations randomly, not just via scripted events

Multiple different types of chasers

Multiple Endings


Scarred Stars takes place in the year 1985. Asuka had always been a good girl but she had a friend who was bad influence on her; Momoko. Momoko always tried to egg Asuka onto doing mischevious, bad things. However, one day Momoko actually insists that the duo break into an abandoned amusent park as a dare, only for things to take ugly turn…

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